Lack of critical power management specialists ‘hampering growth prospects’ of critical power and cooling market


The latest market report from TMR Research states that efficient cooling has emerged as one of the most important needs in modern data centres, while eliminating fluctuations in the power supply is a long-term target of administrative agencies, as well as the power industry, resulting in strong prospects for the global critical power and cooling market. Nevertheless, a lack of specialists in the field of critical power management is a key restraint hampering the market’s growth prospects.

Due to the relative nascence of the critical power and cooling market, usage data illustrating the performance of power management systems has been slow in coming. Due to this, the critical power and cooling industry hasn’t been consolidated sufficiently to produce a feasible supply line of competent technicians. This is likely to be a short-term restraint on the market, however, and the increasing interest of key players in the data centre industry in critical power and cooling technologies is likely to alleviate this concern.

Recent trends suggest the rise of green data centres is imminent. Scrutiny of the environmental impact of data centres has now led to an economic environment where innovative ways to construct data centres while minimising their environmental impact has become possible. Nautilus Data Technologies, for instance, plans to construct data centres on floating barges in order to be able to utilise the water to cool equipment. This would cut cooling costs significantly. Innovations such as this are likely to occur at increasing frequency in the coming years.

The strong presence of computing and technology giants in the US means North America is likely to retain the leadership of the market, while Asia Pacific is also projected to play a key role due to the rising prominence of countries such as India in the global data centre industry. The Asia Pacific critical power and cooling market is expected to exhibit the highest CAGR of all regional segments of the global market in the 2017-2025 forecast period.


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