Our Publications

Modern Fleet

The EV market is growing rapidly and while many challenges remain one thing is certain, the ownership and the need for charging facilities for these vehicles will increase exponentially. Given that the UK will ban the sale of diesel and petrol engine vehicles by 2030 organisations need to install infrastructure, upgrade fleets as well as utilising this new equipment to support the grid and reduce costs. Aimed at those responsible for managing fleet and energy infrastructure within an organisation. The magazine is split into these three broad areas: Vehicles (the latest electric cars, vans and trucks as well as development with fuel cell vehicles) Charging infrastructure Energy management (including V2G, onsite generation, grid connections and hydrogen supply)

The Energyst

The Energyst magazine covers the latest technology and strategies to enable businesses to get the most out of their environmental policies and stay on top of legislation and policy changes. It has a firm footing in economic reality while investigating new technologies and services that will reduce costs and ensure compliance. It provides insight into the procurement of energy and reports on innovative products & services that aid the ‘efficient control of utilities facilities’. It uniquely exploits the synergy between energy management, water management and environmental best practice for the effective running of buildings.

Mission Critical Power

Mission Critical Power magazine specialises in efficient optimisation of critical sites giving advice on resilience, maximum uptime and lowering the costs of this. It is read by Data Centre, Energy, Facilities and Building Service Managers and Directors among others whose function to to keep a site running effectively while ensuring availability.

Market research reports

Market research reports – throughout the year we publish a variety of research reports covering topics such Demand Side response, EV’s, Decarbonisation, Storage and Financing Energy Efficiency.