Hounslow Council has announced plans to install more than 1,000 EV chargers this year after it secured £1.1million from the government’s Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Fund.

The Council will begin with installing dedicated EV parking bays at existing charging points, to help improve access, and new chargers and charging bays will then be rolled out from the spring.

According to the Council, by Christmas 2024, most residents with little to no off-street parking will live about a one-minute walk from a charger.

It is now working towards a more even spread of charge points in areas where they are likely to be needed most, in line with Hounslow Council’s EV Charging Strategy and its commitment to delivering 2,000 new chargers by March 2026.

Residents and businesses will be able to share their views on the new EV chargers during a consultation period.

Cllr Katherine Dunne, Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Climate, Environment and Transport, said: “We are delighted to be the first of two London councils and five nationally, to benefit from this funding, enabling us to deliver more than 1,000 new EV charge points in the next year and supporting residents to switch to an electric vehicle for journeys that cannot be completed by walking, cycling or public transport.

“Our new EV chargers will support Hounslow Council’s commitment to bold climate action and mean that together with residents, the Council can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve local air quality; benefiting public health and helping to tackle the climate crisis.”

Hounslow Council has already installed 408 EV chargers in recent years.


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