2016 energy management champions’ profile alerts stop energy waste


Sponsored: TELCA 2016 energy management champions STC Energy outlines how its profile alerts software is helping firms dramatically cut energy waste.

As recent award nominees at the TELCA’s, STC Energy was successfully awarded Energy Management Champions of the Year 2016. We entered this award based on our profile alerts service which monitors consumption from your HH and AMR electricity meters and data loggers.

What are profile alerts?

Our profile alerts are an intuitive way to combat energy waste and other exceptional consumption. By analysing your site’s historic consumption, our profile data software can form a picture of each site’s usage. This enables us to set accurate targets for each meter, which allows sites to be automatically monitored for exceptions.

Any deviations found will trigger an email alert to a nominated site contact and/or it can be viewed on an online map-based site exception dashboard. These alerts can also be directed to and monitored by our dedicated team who will then inform the client of consumption anomalies. The report will automatically highlight which sites are over target, allowing for fast corrective action.

Profile alerts are very successful in identifying energy wastage directly and in suggesting behavioural changes that can be implemented to reduce consumption. Profile alerts work for sites ranging from small retail units to large industrial sites.

Due to the independent nature of our systems, data from various different providers can be monitored in one system. This ensures that if our client changes supplier, consistent records are maintained. Our profile alerts service can also be used as a standalone service or can work in conjunction with our bureau service which validates utility invoices.

What types of issues do profiles alerts find?

Energy issues identified by the profile alerts system can include issues such as:

  • Lighting left on outside of operating hours
  • Storage heaters left on after the end of the heating season
  • Spikes indicating electric immersion heaters running outside of the Economy 7 period

Once the issues have been identified, action can then be taken to rectify them. 

Profile alerts in just 5 steps

Step 1 – Analyse historic consumption to establish the normal consumption pattern for each meter

Step 2 – Set % threshold above and below the expected consumption

Step 3 – Automatically monitor energy consumption and generate an alert if consumption exceeds the thresholds

Step 4 – Contact site to discuss findings and establish reasons

Step 5 – Recommend a solution

Profile alerts in a nutshell

Are you wasting energy? Energy usage targets set within our profile alert system will help to ensure that energy is not wasted, especially during times where minimal energy needs to be used or during periods of closure. The alerts are triggered when the energy usage goes over your set target. Recommendations are also made if the consumption of energy used goes above the set targets consistently. The profile alerts service is an excellent way to gain value from electricity profile data to achieve energy savings at a low cost.

So what’s the long term effect? Whilst it creates great cost savings, profile alerts also help contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Case study

Our profile alerts service was applied to one of our largest retail customers which was actively seeking to reduce its energy consumption. Within the first 12 months, the profile alerts service had identified large amounts of electricity savings and highlighted a number of technical and behavioural issues.

The highlighted issues identified a number of common findings such as:

Technical – Lighting time control settings incorrect or manually overridden and forgotten about.

Behavioural/managerial – Switching arrangements identified a lack of staff knowledge on how lighting controls work.

The outcome resulted in an avoidable electricity consumption of around 2,100,000 kWh within the first 12 months being identified and addressed. This resulted in significant energy savings and a cost saving of £230k. Carbon emissions were also reduced by 1,136 tCO2e across all sites monitored.

If you would like to find out more about our profile alerts service, simply call Alan Little on 0208 466 2915 or email us at info@stcenergy.com.


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