80% of firms would provide demand-side response if business not disrupted


cradlepicMore than 80% of businesses would be interested in earning revenue through demand-side response (DSR) programmes – provided their business operations are not adversely affected.

A survey of public and private sector end-users by The Energyst found 81% would be willing to sign up to schemes run by National Grid to help balance the power system on that basis.

Concern over disruption and impact on business performance was cited by 36% of respondents as a key barrier to DSR participation. A similar percentage said their equipment or processes were not suited to balancing services provision.

Roughly a quarter said they did not understand enough about the market to make a decision, while roughly a fifth did not trust third parties to take control of their equipment or processes.

The survey polled businesses that already participate in DSR schemes as well as those that do not.

Of those involved in DSR provision, 83% said they were satisfied with the outcome. Of those that do not, 58% said their business had some form of back-up generation. However, less than half (46%) said neither their electricity supplier nor aggregators had outlined the benefits of flexible power consumption to them.

The survey will form part of Energyst Media’s second annual demand-side response report, to be published 8 September at the DSR event, a free conference in London sponsored by National Grid, energy suppliers and aggregators.

The survey will remain open until the end of July. We want the sample to be as representative as possible, so please take five minutes to give your views on demand-side response – and how you think the market could be scaled.

Reserve your seat at the conference at www.dsrevent.uk

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