An ale called Gale: BrewDog 100 per cent wind powered from July


BrewDog will brew its beers from wind power from mid-July.

The company last month outlined plans to invest in three turbines totalling 2.4MW.

The move is part of a raft of initiatives to lower its carbon footprint and environmental impact, including ditching plastic packaging (its four-packs now come in cardboard), setting up an anaerobic digestion project and incentivising people to send back empty cans in batches of 50 in return for a share in the company (in a scheme dubbed ‘cans for equity’).

“Excited to announce that from 13th July all the electricity used to make our BrewDog beers will come directly from wind turbines,” said co-founder James Watt, adding that the company is “on a mission to be the world’s most sustainable drinks company”.

To mark the occasion, he said the firm “will make a beer to celebrate called: ‘Hello, my name is Gale’.”

Announcing the move on LinkedIn, others suggested the brewery had sufficient roof space to produce a sister beer called ‘Sunny’.


  1. Hope its got batteries/inverters when it get calm to store/supply energy using the mains as back up if all else fails could have an emergency generator as well.
    Must keep the beer t brewing and taps delivering to the customer, don’t forget the clean water by tanker.


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