ABB announces solution to modernise switchgear to digital


ABB has introduced an innovative VD4 Digitup solution to upgrade existing switchgear to digital. VD4 Digitup results in an advanced switchgear solution addressing important requirements – flexibility, increased process efficiency, lower cost of operation and maximised integration, reliability and safety.

Distribution network evolution gives new requirements to medium-voltage switchgear, challenging both the equipment manufacturers and the end users. VD4 Digitup delivers all distribution network and customer requirements, including higher reliability and safety levels to fulfill new standards for operator and equipment, deeper power generation integration, higher requirements for protection selectivity and renewable or distributed energy sources that introduce bidirectional energy flow.

VD4 Digitup is accomplished by using state-of-the-art components: vacuum VD4 breakers with onboard current and voltage sensors connected to Relion protection and control relays enabling IEC 61850 digital communication.

“VD4 Digitup allows easy and quick implementation of a truly digital switchgear even when the panel designs are not preset for this application,” said Burhan Gundem, Service Manager of the Electrification Products division. “ABB is pleased to provide an easily installed solution allowing any existing panel to be completely modernised regardless of the age, design and brand, thereby becoming ABB digital compliant.”


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