ABB to provide reliable power supply for Canadian data centre


ABB is supplying an integrated substation to Hypertec, based in Montreal, to support the expansion of an existing data centre, to meet growing demand. As part of the upgrade, the existing 25 kilovolts (kV) power supply will be enhanced to 120 kV, to improve security and reliability of power supplies for the critical facility. Montreal’s cool environment is well suited for datacentres with the added advantage of competitive electricity tariffs based almost completely on renewable hydropower. Quebec also offers attractive tax incentives to promote the Information Technology sector.

Data centres usually operate with ‘redundant’ or backup provisions for critical functional elements like power, data communication connections, environmental controls and security devices. ABB’s solution will serve this need and at the same time provide enhanced power availability and efficiency. 
The turnkey project, expected to be completed by the end of 2017, includes the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the 120kV GIS substation with 25kV distribution. At the heart of the solution is a 120 kV Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) housed in a robust, prefabricated structure to facilitate fast installation and commissioning and minimise the need for on-site work in harsh weather conditions. In addition to enabling quick power deployment and cost efficiency, the equipment is designed for high reliability and security standards, especially important in the datacentre industry. The site is located in close proximity to ABB’s new Montreal campus, supporting efficient collaboration during project execution and easy access to ABB expertise post deployment.

“ABB has been a key partner for Hypertec in the construction of our data centre. Our infrastructure would not be possible without ABB’s innovative data centre technologies and their understanding that uninterruptable intelligent power is a core requirement in a data centre,” said Eliot Ahdoot, executive vice president of operations, Hypertec. “We chose to work with ABB as they have a global depth of experience in deploying intelligent grid connections and industrial automation solutions for data centres.”


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