ADE publishes aggregator code of conduct ahead of assurance scheme launch

ADE director Tim Rotheray hopes the code strengthens consumer confidence in DSR market

The Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE) has published its long-awaited code of conduct for demand-side response aggregators.

Next year, it will launch a voluntary scheme based on the code in a bid to give businesses greater confidence in the demand-side response (DSR) market – and unlock greater levels of flexibility, which is increasingly required to balance the power system as it evolves.

The document outlines a set of minimum standards that intend to address perceived sharp practises and give businesses with flexibility confidence that they are being treated transparently and fairly by demand-side response (DSR) providers.

It is also intended to enable businesses to compare apples with apples – often challenging in the current marketplace – and ensure suitable dispute resolution when things go wrong.

The voluntary ‘Flex Assure’ scheme will launch next year. Those that sign up to it must agree to abide by its rules. The intention is that by dealing with a ‘Flex Assure’ member, businesses can take comfort that they are dealing with a partner that has their best interests at heart.

See the code here.

Interested in demand-side response? The ADE was a contributor to The Energyst’s 2018 DSR report.

It contains a survey of DSR providers, qualitative interviews with end users, plus insight from consultants, aggregators and energy suppliers.

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