All new rapid EV chargers must have card payment functionality


All new rapid and super fast electric vehicle (EV) chargers installed from April 2020 must offer card payment functionality.

While the mandate only applies to rapid chargers upwards (50kW+) government ultimately wants industry to work enable any EV driver to use any public charging point to address interoperability issues that risk inefficiency and poor driver experience, depressing EV uptake.

To date, drivers have expressed frustration at juggling a plethora of apps and subscriptions to use charging infrastructure, though firms have worked to improve interoperability, user interfaces and experience.

Government said it also working with industry to make chargepoint data freely available so that drivers can easily locate and use available chargers.

“It is crucial there are easy payment methods available to improve electric vehicle drivers’ experiences and give drivers choice,” said future of mobility minister, Michael Ellis. “This will help even more people enjoy the benefits electric vehicles bring and speed up our journey to a zero-emission future.”

Details here.

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