AMPECO partners with Electric Miles to unlock energy flexibility opportunities


Global EV charging management software provider AMPECO announced a new partnership with Electric Miles, a UK EV smart charging software developer and energy assets aggregator. The partnership allows AMPECO’s UK-based clients to participate in the UK demand-side flexibility (DSF) market. This will enable them to generate additional revenue by aggregating their own customers into DSF-optimised smart charging schedules. DSF makes it possible to earn money by shifting demand to balance the grid.

As leaders in the EV charging market, AMPECO’s platform enables smart charging allowing charge point operators (CPOs) to move EV charging away from high-demand periods and generate revenue while protecting the UK’s energy supply. Electric Miles’s Energy Flexibility platform aggregates the distributed energy resources from multiple CPOs into virtual loads and virtual power plant that can be traded on the energy markets during peak demand, giving CPOs and EV drivers access to new grid-balancing revenues.

Using DSF data from Electric Miles, AMPECO’s charge point operators can optimize smart charging schedules for thousands of chargers to automatically align with demand reduction contracts from grid operations to help maintain grid stability. Electric Miles has already secured 5 contracts with 30 MWs from grid operators to establish its marketplace from DSO and National Grid.

“We are delighted to partner with Electric Miles to unlock grid flexibility services.These new market opportunities will not only generate revenue or save money for our clients, but will also move the energy system towards a net zero future,” says Orlin Radev, CEO at AMPECO.

Arun Anand, Founder & CEO at Electric Miles, adds, “We see our partnership as an opportunity to not only drive new revenue value from smart charging for AMPECO’s clients but also to leverage economies of scale for decarbonization that is not achievable by individual CPOs. Our vision is that the DSF data will enable us to bring a new flexibility API to enhance the smart charging algorithms of all CPOs.”

AMPECO and Electric Miles recognise that as energy systems become greener and more reliant on renewables, grid congestion management through flexibility will become ever more critical. This partnership helps serve the DSO and ESO in their imperative to prevent or resolve grid congestion.


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