Arrival unveils electric bus ‘at same price as fossil equivalent’


Arrival has unveiled the next product from its modular range, the Arrival Bus. It says the zero emissions bus will cost no more than a fossil-fuelled equivalent up front – and less to run over its lifetime.

The company has not confirmed a delivery timetable for the bus, but is planning to ramp up production from microfactories – small production facilities close to demand centres around the world.

It is building those factories in Bicester and the US, while “looking at other facilities globally”. Arrival has committed to deliver 10,000 units of its first product, a four tonne electric van, to logistics firm UPS within four years.

Arrival is also planing to build cars for sharing, taxis, delivery robots and charging infrastructure.

While its electric vans will be first off the production line, the company last month told The Energyst it is also looking at hydrogen to power larger vehicles.

Arrival last year secured €100m investment from Hyundai and Kia. Across the group, it now employs around a 1,000 people, more than half of which are software engineers.


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