Atlas Copco innovates in construction and maintenance of critical energy infrastructure


A new Smart Tensioning System (STS) has been launched by Atlas Copco. Designed to further improve safety whilst reducing overall processing time by as much as 50% in the construction of critical energy infrastructure such as wind turbines and nuclear reactors, Ensuring an even more cost-efficient, accurate and traceable bolt tensioning solution for field-based applications in the energy sector, the STS is the first fully integrated system that’s able to guide the operator through every step of the bolt tensioning process.

By combining the power of its state-of-the-art tensioning technology with total data capability, including integrated pressure torque and angle sensors, Atlas Copco’s latest upgrade to its Smart Connected Bolting portfolio, not only reduces processing time by up to half but also prevents errors and rework, thereby saving operators both time and money.

The Smart Tensioning System itself is a combination of three key core components; the Smart Tentec Tensioner (STT) delivering up to 2000 bar of pressure with a fail-safe mechanism and status LEDs for operator guidance; the Power Focus Hand Controller (PFHC) which provides a single hand controller for all functions. The PFHC features HTML connectivity for live data monitoring, an integrated barcode scanner to ensure complete traceability, pressurisation buttons and a user-friendly LED operator display. And finally, the compact and portable SP2000 hydraulic power pack with low vibration, built-in circuit breaker protection and 230V single and 400V three-phase options.

Commenting on the launch of the Smart Tensioning System (STS), James McAllister, General Manager, Atlas Copco Tools and Industrial Assembly Solutions, said:

“Until now, the bolt tensioning process has been dependent on equipment and operator efficiency. STS is the first truly smart bolt tensioning system which enables the whole tensioning process to be guided and measured, for absolute accuracy andconsistency. Atlas Copco’s launch of the STS represents an innovative addition to our portfolio of smart tooling solutions, in the drive for ever more cost-effective and zero defect assembly and maintenance. This next level of traceability and data-driven insight will be a real asset in helping energy companies improve both human and business performance, which is all the more compelling in the current economic climate.”


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