Power infrastructure firm SSE Energy Solutions has signed an agreement with local authority-linked developers CCR Energy to turn a defunct coal-burning power station into a hub for green innovation.

The Aberthaw plant, located five miles from Barry, closed as a generator in March 2020.  CCR City Deal, ultimately owned by ten local authorities, purchased it two years later from RWE, and set up CCR Energy, now chaired by a south Wales councillor.

The developer’s mission is to demolish, clear and clean the site in readiness for redevelopment. The parties intend it as an exemplar for secure green energy production, with the potential to create thousands of jobs.

The partners believe redeveloping the site provides spectacular opportunities regionally across south Wales.

Aberthaw, they say, squares well with their commitments to decarbonise energy, while supporting low-carbon jobs and delivering a financial boost for local communities.

SSE Energy’s commercial director Carl Davies said “We aspire to be the UK’s leading provider of local clean energy infrastructure. This agreement with CCR Energy means that we can work together to deliver innovative green projects, create good green jobs and create social value in Aberthaw and across South East Wales.

Under the pair’s memorandum of understanding SSE will invest in advanced technologies for power networks, heating and cooling systems, EV charging and energy management, generation and storage. These will provide the template for future growth, bringing confidence that south Wales can meet the demands of what the parties are calling Industry 4.0.

Born from the CCR City Deal, CCR Energy styles itself as a private development company currently focusing on the plant’s remediation and regeneration. Committed to helping the region thrive, it intends offering a new green energy-enabled development platform, inspiring innovation and supporting the creation of next generation employment opportunities.



  1. ‘They maintain Aberthaw presents a unique opportunity to integrate peripheral assets and explore traditional and disruptive technologies, squaring well with its commitment to decarbonise energy, heat, and transport, while also creating and supporting low-carbon jobs and delivering a financial boost for local communities.’
    Word salad drizzled with jargon. Mission – shoehorn a list of favourable points into a posh, authoritative-sounding sentence.
    Plain English please.

    • Accept my apologies, Jeff, for letting through this ‘word salad’ – you’re right! PR folks, please note: Derivative, tired corporate goobledegook offends, antagonises and bores readers.


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