Survey: Revenue and regulatory risk remain key challenges for BTM battery storage


Around two thirds of public and private sector organisations polled by The Energyst say they are considering battery storage, but the vast majority cite unpredictability of revenues as undermining the business case. Regulatory uncertainty is also an issue.

Says who?

The 2018 demand-side response and storage survey has 63 complete responses to date*. Of these, 41 say they are considering storage deployment.

Respondents represent industrial (41%), commercial (29%) and public (29%) sectors across small (24%), medium (30%) and large (46%) organisations. Some 69% spend at least £1m on electricity annually.

Of those considering storage, only 35%, or 14 respondents, currently provide demand-side response.


Three quarters of those considering storage are looking at behind-the-meter models. Peak charge avoidance (81%) and firm frequency response (70%) are the most cited revenue streams (from 37 responses).

Asked if they had faced any challenges in building the business case for storage, only 12.5% said no, versus 87.5% that cited predictability of revenues (from 32 responses). Meanwhile, 56% cited predictability of policy and regulation as an issue.

Most respondents plan to combine their battery with some form of generation, with solar the most popular technology where stated by respondents.

The survey is still openIf your organisation could provide flexibility through load or generation to help balance the grid, or is considering energy storage investment or deployment, please take the short survey here.

Anonymised answers will help form the research component of free market reports on DSR and storage. All respondents will receive digital copies.

* Survey considered complete even if respondents skip some questions, provided key data included.

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