Beis and Ofgem tell energy networks to expedite flex


Government and regulator have written to energy networks urging them to step up efforts to deliver a smart, flexible system.

The letter states that networks have made some progress and welcomes initiatives to map out options for a shift to distribution system operators (DSOs), and commitments from all networks to consider flexibility over traditional reinforcement. But it calls for concrete actions to progress least regrets options, better signposting of current and future needs, further progress to address conflicts of interest, standardisation of flexibility products and greater transparency. Networks also need to provide more detailed network information and data to enable flexibility markets, states the letter.

Beis and Ofgem told DNOs and the system operator to provide “a detailed roadmap for key enablers, with specific and reportable timelines for deliverables,” in order to give businesses confidence to make investments that allow them to sell flexibility services.

“It is crucial that networks and the system operator facilitate the development of the smart energy ecosystem,” states the letter.

Details here.

The Energyst is surveying companies that could or do provide flexibility via generation and load assets for our annual DSR report. Please tell us what you do and whether it is working out via this short survey.

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