BHIVE: a dynamic purchasing system for heat networks


BEIS has established a dynamic purchasing system (DPS) for heat networks – the BEIS Heat Investment Vehicle (BHIVE). It will allow public sector heat network owners and developers to procure funding and funding-related services for their heat network projects from a range of potential funding providers.

UK heat networks represent one of the biggest growth potentials for energy networks in Europe, with investment potential between £13 billion to £22 billion by 2050. The DPS will play a key part in creating a market that is economically attractive to investors, delivers and sustains jobs, exports and economic benefits and continues to promote the UK as one of the top global investment destinations.

BHIVE will be available to all public sector bodies in England and Wales on the TriplePoint site.

The DPS will be launched in 2 stages:

Stage 1 – Onboarding and registration of suppliers, 4 December 2020
Stage 2 – Open for customer (public sector bodies) applications, January 2020


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