Major energy users warn over water retail competition


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Major energy users have urged policymakers to ensure the competitive retail water market opens on time and works properly from day one. Failure to enable supplier switching from 1 April 2017 could see half of major industrial and commercial firms turning their backs on the market.

Those findings were outlined in a water manifesto published by the Major Energy Users Council, based on the views of its members.

In the manifesto, the MEUC states:

“Our biggest concern is that we could be left with supply or administrative problems should the switching process or market arrangements fail. Nearly half of us will be deterred from participating in the market if this risk materialises. We need assurance that switching will be smooth and the market will work.”

Stating that members have “waited long enough” for retail competition, the MEUC added that it was imperative that the market opens on time, and that from day one: “we want to be able to switch all our sites to a single supplier and benefit from consolidated and improved billing”.

“This means all incumbent water companies must be ready to engage with the market as wholesalers, regardless of their retail intentions.”

The manifesto also outlined members fears around protections in the event of a supplier exiting the market, and called for members to be involved in market decisions.

To see the MEUC water competition manifesto, and more detailed insights in to the member survey, click here.

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