Boden Type Data Centre One officially inaugurated in Sweden


Funded by the European Comission’s Horizon 2020 programme the Europe-wide consortium representing four nations and five entities officially opened the first installation of the concept, a pilot site, called Boden Type DC One. The BTDC will demonstrate a range of highly innovative key engineering principles used to construct the most cost and energy efficient data centres with minimal environmental impact.

Senior representatives from the participating consortium introduced to the local and international audience, which attended the inauguration ceremony, their role in the project and gave an outlook of what results can be expected in the future.

The 500 kW facility was built in less than 5 months. For the construction local, environmental friendly resources were used. Limited colocation space is available for testing partners that wish to join in.

“This data centre concept is ideal for rendering, simulations and other HPC applications that in combination with the locally available 100% renewable power will certainly be attractive for the industry,” commented Nils Lindh, Director of Data Centre Development, Boden Business Agency

Alan Beresford, Managing Director, EcoCooling, added: “We are very happy with progress on the project so far and are looking forward to the next step working closely with the other consortium members to integrate our fresh air solutions in the most cost effective and efficient way.”


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