BP Pulse opens Kettering EV charging hub


BP Pulse has opened an EV charging hub in Kettering, featuring ten 300kW chargers and with an installed capacity of three megawatts (MW).

The new hub, built by The EV Network, can charge up to 20 cars simultaneously at 150kW, allowing each vehicle to gain up to 100 miles in about 15 minutes – depending on the type of EV.

It is located at the intersection of the A14 and A43 near Kettering.

BP Pulse has already established large scale hubs in Park Lane, London, and at Gatwick Airport, and a site is currently under construction in the West Midlands, which, when completed will contain 16 ultra-fast 300kW chargers capable of charging 32 EVs at any one time.

The company intends to open hundreds of additional charging hubs in other locations around the UK by the end of 2030.

Akira Kirton, vice president, BP Pulse UK, said, “It’s our largest and most powerful EV charging hub yet. Customers say power is more important than the number of charging points.

“That’s why we’re focussing on expanding our ultra-fast charging infrastructure, using the latest technology to ensure reliability, and designed to keep up with the charging speeds of vehicle batteries as they advance.”

Reza Shaybani, co-founder and chief executive of The EV Network, said, “We are working together on other exciting projects which will go live over the next few months.

“This project is in a key geographic location and provides access to well lit, ultra-fast charging. Bringing large sites like this to the public is of paramount importance to us, to be able to shift the UK driver’s confidence in EV charging reliability and availability.”


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