Breaking ties with oil: The case for LPG


For the scores of commercial premises across the UK that aren’t connected to the mains gas grid, finding a reliable, readily available fuel that won’t cost the earth can be a real challenge. As familiar territory, oil is often the go-to choice for powering everything from heating and hot water to cooking facilities and manufacturing processes. However, with its reputation for volatile pricing and pollution, today’s budget and environment-conscious energy managers are increasingly seeking out cleaner, more cost-effective alternatives.

A simple switch to LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) could deliver significant savings on your energy costs, as well as reducing your carbon footprint.  Not only is LPG cleaner burning and therefore cheaper to run, but condensing LPG boilers cost less to install than oil boilers – and need far less ongoing maintenance too.

Savings aside, LPG is an incredibly versatile fuel too. Available in both bulk and cylinder supply options, it has a variety of commercial uses that you may not even have considered. In the leisure sector, for example, everything from rural hotels and pubs to golf clubs and spas are making use of LPG to heat swimming pools, power golf buggies, fuel barbecues and much more. In industry, it’s becoming an increasingly popular choice for powering industrial processes, kilns and furnaces, not to mention as a cleaner, greener forklift truck fuel. 

If you’re interested in learning more about LPG and what it could do for your business, visit or call 0800 028 3802 today.

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