Business energy price rises: Use Pöyry Index to understand future energy costs


Pöyry has launched its Retail Energy Price Index to show industrial and commercial firms how market movements will impact their future energy bills.

In a rapidly shifting energy landscape Pöyry has created this index to help businesses plan their future electricity and gas sourcing.

The global consultancy will host the service on The Energyst’s website.

The index provides a highly valuable guide to expected future movements in energy costs for industrial and commercial end users out to 2025 – and is regularly updated.

“Our analysis shows that energy costs for industrial and commercial companies are set to increase materially over the coming years,” said Matt Brown, regional vice president at Pöyry Management Consulting.

“At the same time we are at a turning point in the way that people produce and consume energy. There are many exciting opportunities out there for businesses that are willing to engage in the challenge of decarbonisation. Understanding the changing nature of future energy prices will enable businesses to make the best decisions today.”

Based on detailed analysis and modelling of separate energy price components and supplier hedging strategies, the Pöyry Retail Energy Price Index takes into account:

  • wholesale energy costs;
  • network costs;
  • environmental and social obligations; and
  • other costs and profit.

Click here to find out more about the Pöyry retail energy price index.

To find out more about Pöyry’s retail energy retainer service please visit:

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