Have businesses learnt from ESOS Phase 1?


Last year businesses missed the Esos deadline date by leaving it too late to start their audits. Inenco asks whether lessons have been learnt in this sponsored post.

With the ESOS Phase 2 deadline (5th December 2019) now just six months away, businesses should be working on their ESOS audits – but is this the case?

During the first phase of ESOS, many organisations left compliance to the last minute – in fact, the Environment Agency received over a thousand notifications of compliance in the final two days before the deadline. This led to a shortage of available lead assessors, and meant that over 40% were non-compliant by the deadline date.

But have businesses learnt from the issues that arose due to late compliance during Phase 1?

It seems not, as when we surveyed energy professionals in March 2019, over half of those we spoke to were yet to commence their audits for ESOS Phase 2.

Businesses that leave compliance to the last minute risk making the process much more time-pressured and stressful for their team. By doing so, they could also miss the deadline completely, which would leave them facing fines of up to £50,000. Energy professionals should also bear in mind that only 16% of businesses were fully compliant with ESOS Phase 1 on their first attempt at compliance. The majority of reports required remedial actions, which meant they needed to allocate additional time and resources to compliance.

Taking action now

While it’s already fairly late to get started with ESOS Phase 2 compliance, organisations that take action now should be able to achieve compliance in time for the deadline.

Many businesses find that seeking external support from Inenco’s experts takes the hassle out of ESOS compliance, as their experience in energy reporting and end-to-end management of the process relieves the burden on their in-house team. During ESOS Phase 1, Inenco achieved a 100% percent compliance rate for the 320 businesses they worked with, ensuring all were fully compliant by the deadline.

To find out more about how Inenco’s compliance team can help your business to achieve compliance, visit www.inenco.com/esos-report

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  1. Here we are in September and most of our ESOS clients have yet to complete and submit their reports. We will get them through as we always do but we are wondering how many companies haven’t even started their process?


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