Businesses pile in to onsite renewable power in 2015


Wind-turbineweb-300x200Businesses were the fastest growing segment of independently-owned renewable generation projects by volume in 2015, according to a new report.

The number of onsite generation projects completed by businesses in 2015 grew 27% year on year according to Smartest Energy.

By capacity, those projects totalled 98.6MW, growth of 17.3% according to the report, second only to a 34% increase in capacity by independent renewable developers, which added 2.15GW during the year.

The report said that independent generators overall added 2.41GW over the year and had now installed almost 11GW of capacity.

It also said that energy storage was now perhaps the biggest opportunity for the sector so that intermittent plant can be balanced and revenues earned from balancing services and demand-side response.

Download the report here.

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