Calls for government incentives to encourage investment in battery storage


Obtaining project export capability and capacity upgrades for battery storage or EV infrastructure projects can be extremely daunting and time consuming. G99 Professional Services aims to take away the strain and hassle.

Speaking at The Energyst Event, G99’s Mark Thomas said there is a need for government incentives to encourage investment in battery storage.

“If we are going to get rid of gas-fired power stations, we will need more battery storage than we have at the moment. Once the costs come down and we have more Government support, it will really take off,” commented Thomas.

G99’s Steven Cook added that businesses need to get on board with carbon reduction, including connection of electric vehicles and improving the efficiency of their assets (particularly transformers), while there are also opportunities to participate in load shifting using battery storage and solar.

The company can help businesses with management of the new G99 application process and capacity upgrade requests with the DNO’s, independent financial modelling and assessment of the project, project management including design and build capability, project testing (including G99 testing) and acceptance on behalf of the client. To view an exclusive interview with Steven Cook and Mark Thomas, on the challenges and opportunities in 2019, click here





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