Capita makes play to add EV charging to DCC’s remit


The Data Communications Company, set up to manage the UK’s smart meter data communications infrastructure, is stepping up efforts to expand its remit into electric vehicles and beyond.

The Capita-owned firm argues that it can create a nationwide back-end for the UK’s EV charging network more cheaply than competitors, because it has already built the smart meters platform (though its forecast costs, at £2.12bn, are more than double those contained in its original bid to run the smart meter system, awarded by Decc in 2013).

The DCC’s five-year business plan suggests it will spend the next two years working up the EV business case, before moving into development and implementation in 2022/23 – if it gets the nod from government to expand its agreed remit.

The DCC is also hoping to provide services to underpin half hourly metering and settlement, which it said would take at least two years to deliver.

See the document here.


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