Ceres claims ‘zero emissions’ hydrogen-fuelled CHP system


Horsham-based Ceres Power claims its latest fuel cell enables zero emissions combined heat and power (CHP).

The system is designed for use with hydrogen fuel. In testing, the company claimed its prototype has achieved greater than 50 per cent electrical efficiency, with an overall efficiency of 90 per cent in combined heat and power mode.

Ceres said because the system is simpler than its existing multi-fuel systems (which can use any fuel with any ration of hydrogen), it is smaller and will be up to 40 per cent cheaper.

“There is no greater challenge than achieving zero carbon emissions, and to meet it we have to find innovative solutions to decarbonise heat, power and transportation systems,” said Subhasish Mukerjee, director of fuel cell and stack development at Ceres Power. “Ceres’ new hydrogen CHP technology runs on both green hydrogen and more widely available low purity hydrogen from industrial sources, offering an immediate solution to tackling climate change and air pollution.”

The company, which is backed by FTSE 250 firm IP Group, signed a deal with Bosch last year, which invested an initial £9m for a 4.4 per cent stake and included a licensing agreement.

Ceres also has a partnership with Weichai Power, with whom it is developing a 30kW range extender for buses in China, as well as Doosan, Nissan, Honda, Cummins and Miura, which is using its technology for a CHP system in commercial buildings in Japan.

Licensing agreements pushed the firm’s revenue and other operating income up 133 per cent to £16.4 million for the year to June 30 while it pared losses 33 per cent to £7.9m.

The company’s Redhill manufacturing facility is scheduled to start producing units in January. Capacity will initially be 2MW, expandable to 10MW.


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