Charging project in Lambeth addresses EV inequality


The project in Lambeth includes the installation of 22 on-street EV chargers across 11 council estates in the borough, part of the council’s wider strategy to work with multiple charge point operators to install more than 200 charge points by 2022.

Its aim is to ensure every household with no access to off-street parking is within a five-minute walk of their nearest charge point.

About a third of residents in Lambeth live on estates managed by the council and the majority of housing in the borough does not have off-street parking. 

Each of Connected Kerb’s chargers will provide a 7kW fast charge, and every charge point will feature contactless payment via the Connected Kerb app with a consistent network and tariff across the sites.

This project was funded in part through the UK Government’s On-Street Residential Charge Point Scheme, available to all local authorities in the UK. 

Through the scheme, 75% of the costs were financed by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles and the remaining costs were covered by the council.

Chris Pateman-Jones, CEO of Connected Kerb, said, “With running costs much lower than petrol and diesel cars, all communities, regardless of where they live, their social background, or whether they have a driveway or not, have lots to gain (from EVs).

“Unfortunately, some communities are being failed by a classic chicken and egg scenario. Without high EV adoption, charge point operators won’t build public charging, and without reliable charging, why would anyone go electric?

“We have designed our business model to overcome this and with Lambeth Council, we are delivering a fairer and equitable clean transport future – here and right across the UK.”



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