Circuit breakers offer optimised energy management


ABB has extended its range of moulded case circuit breakers (MCCBs) for the UK with the new SACE Tmax XT that offers higher performances, protection, metering and connectivity features up to 1600 A. These new products have been designed with the aim to provide tangible values throughout the entire customers’ journey, from selection and installation to daily use and diagnostics.

SACE Tmax XT breakers are claimed by the company to offer “new standards for extreme breaking capacity” for heavy-duty applications. The devices are designed to work far beyond the normal constraints, maximising the capacity of installations, regardless of the operating voltage and environmental conditions.

The XT family’s built-in connectivity links smartphones, tablets and PCs to data analysis tools on the ABB Ability cloud platform in real time. The precision of the data measured means users have access to accurate information anywhere and anytime, making it easier to monitor resources and identify savings opportunities. Using the embedded smart power controller can help reduce energy consumption up to 20 percent.

“Upgrading the breakers is also straightforward,” said Niko Railo, global product group manager for ABB’s breakers and enclosures business. “Customers can download new functions from the ABB Marketplace, choosing among more than 50 different protection, metering and automation functionalities.”

The same logics, features and intuitive interface are common to all frames, and are also shared with Emax 2 air circuit breakers. This means the same logic is shared across the company’s whole circuit breaker portfolio, thus producing significant time savings. Moreover, ABB has streamlined and extended the capability of installation and setting the products: the process is now more user-friendly than ever, and the time needed is reduced by 30 percent thanks to Bluetooth and Ekip connectivity for mobile devices.


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