Citroën has delivered its first ë-Jumpy Hydrogen van to long-term fleet client Suez Group for testing at its Carcassonne facility in France.

The hydrogen version of the ë-Jumpy – known as the ë-Dispatch in the UK – comes at the same time as the Vivaro-e hydrogen van from Stellantis Group brands Vauxhall and Opel.

It features a 10.5kWh lithium-ion battery, a 45kW fuel cell and three hydrogen tanks with 4.4kg of hydrogen storage, offering a total driving range of more than 248 miles (400km) on the WLTP cycle.

The electric motor is mainly powered by the 45kW hydrogen fuel cell, which has a driving range of nearly 217 miles.

Refuelling takes three minutes, and its lithium-ion battery acts as a back-up, able to cover 31 miles.

The battery has been installed under the seats in the cab area and the three hydrogen tanks are under the floor.

According to Citroën, the van is aimed at customers that need a range of more than 186 miles, for longer delivery rounds, or for customers who require a vehicle that can be re-fuelled quickly.

Examples include courier operators, covering both last-mile deliveries and transportation over longer distances, as well as local authorities or manufacturing businesses.

It is assembled at the Sevel Nord plant in France and converted at the Stellantis Group’s hydrogen fuel cell centre in Russelsheim, Germany.

Laurence Hansen, Citroën product and strategy director, said, “The fuel cell hydrogen solution is now becoming a reality with this first ë-Jumpy Hydrogen coming off the assembly line.

“Complementing our electric portfolio, it will give customers a greater driving range (especially on faster roads) and optimise vehicles’ usage time thanks to its ultra-fast refuelling.

“All this, while retaining the capabilities and practicality of the vehicle to remain relevant on the LCV market.”


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