Clearworld partner with Centrica Business Solutions to support businesses on their Net Zero Journey


Clearworld provide a fully integrated approach to implementing energy efficiency solutions, supporting organisations reduce the impact of rising charges to help realise the operational, environmental, and financial benefits of carbon reduction.

As partners with Centrica Business Solutions, we leverage their technology to help organisations around the world to shape and deliver integrated energy solutions that accelerate their journey to a low-carbon future.

In the face of unpredictable energy demand in the months and years to come, there is a need to manage and reduce costs now and the more you know about your energy, the better you can manage it.

Energy Insights from Centrica gives you complete visibility into your energy estate by harnessing the power of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) to collect real-time energy intelligence and analytics of energy data.

The portfolio of self-powered, Panoramic Power™ wireless sensors easily attach to your energy assets and send real-time data to a cloud-based energy management platform, PowerRadar™, providing you with a powerful way to monitor, analyse and manage your energy use – from the site level down to individual devices, delivering deep insight into energy usage.

Operational efficiency and cost reduction have never been more important. The foundation of any effective energy strategy is information and Panoramic Power provides everything businesses need to implement a successful Net Zero plan: – high quality data, a smart user interface (PowerRadar), a non-intrusive install and it’s cost effective.

Collaboration with the right partner is crucial and our partnership with Centrica Business Solutions provides our clients with the energy intelligence to manage consumption effectively and holistically, reduce waste, improve operational efficiency, and ultimately reduce costs and drive revenue.

Mike Roberts-Hodgson, Head of Business Development said, “Energy Reduction is essential if we are to reach our environmental objectives and utilising Centrica’s Energy Insights with Clearworld’s Energy Efficiency knowledge is paramount when helping customers deliver energy intelligence and to secure the financial and environmental benefits of streamlining consumption and installing sustainable solutions”.

To find out more about Energy Efficiency and Panoramic Power Click here.

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