Cloud offering to aid analysis of critical infrastructure data


Vertiv, formerly Emerson Network Power, has announced a cloud-based addition to the Vertiv portfolio that will empower customers with deeper insights across the data centre. The Vertiv cloud offering will leverage the collective knowledge gleaned from decades of data centre projects to deliver real-time analysis that will simplify and streamline data centre operations and planning.

As part of the Vertiv cloud offering, now available is a new Internet of Things (IoT) gateway that provides added security with simple installation and commissioning to streamline data centre connectivity. The Vertiv RDU300 gateway, a new entry in the Vertiv RDU family of monitoring and control products, integrates with building management systems and ensures that any data passed to the Vertiv cloud from the customer site is done securely and using minimum bandwidth. Together the Vertiv cloud offering and Vertiv RDU300 gateway enable remote visibility, collection, and analysis of critical infrastructure data across all Vertiv products.

“As an organisation, we have designed and built data centers of all shapes and sizes and have millions of equipment installations in data centres and IT facilities in every corner of the globe,” said Patrick Quirk, vice president and general manager of Global Management Systems at Vertiv. “The accumulated knowledge from past, present and future deployments is a powerful resource, and this cloud-based initiative operationalises that resource in a way that will bring unprecedented capabilities to our customers.”

The Vertiv cloud initiative unlocks the data and deep domain knowledge Vertiv has accrued from its history of monitoring and servicing hardware, software and sensors, including its Chloride, Liebert and NetSure brands. With billions of historical uninterruptible power supply (UPS), battery and thermal system data points populating the Vertiv cloud, supplemented by the constant inflow of real-time data, operators will be able to make decisions and take actions based on data-based insight and best practices from across the industry.

Vertiv will use its cloud to aggregate, anonymize and analyze data from IT deployments around the world, identifying trends and patterns that will transform data center operation practices and virtually eliminate the traditional break/fix model and preventative maintenance. Starting with battery monitoring and monitoring for select UPS and power distribution unit (PDU) systems, Vertiv will leverage its cloud to continuously evaluate performance against billions of existing data points to anticipate everything from maintenance needs to efficiency improvements. The Vertiv cloud will synthesise that information and deliver preemptive prompts to data center managers, who can remotely trigger the appropriate actions through qualified personnel and eventually secure Vertiv gateway systems within their facilities and more effectively plan in the short and long term.

Additional announcements are planned over the next 12 months, including predictive analytics and assistance as Vertiv applies machine learning to the data in the cloud.


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