Combined Heat and Power – the cornerstone of energy efficiency

Free guide to CHP from Centrica.

In this sponsored post, Centrica says combined heat and power systems can boost efficiency and cut energy costs by up to 25%. It’s offering a free guide to CHP here.

Today’s energy landscape is changing fast – and bringing new challenges for business. Volatile markets, escalating costs and unremitting demand for supply mean businesses are under significant pressure to improve their energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. But where do you start?

Bringing in new energy technologies

Any organisation looking to optimise performance needs to consider their energy efficiency a priority. Energy technologies such as Combined Heat and Power can enable businesses to take greater control of their energy usage and consumption – lowering bills, improving operational efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.

Combined Heat and Power from Centrica Business Solutions

Combined Heat and Power (CHP), also known as cogeneration, is designed to generate electricity onsite and recover the majority of the heat created in the process, significantly reducing energy wastage. Typically, CHP from Centrica Business Solutions can deliver an efficiency increase of anything up to 25% compared to the separate energy systems it replaces.

The benefits to your business:

A secure and stable supply – CHP gives you a reliable energy supply that can keep your business running, regardless of power outages and surges in demand.

Reduced running costs – CHP can cut your site’s energy costs by up to 25%, enabling you to divert the savings to other areas of your business.

Stronger compliance – CHP can help you reduce your energy consumption and emissions, supporting your compliance efforts.

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

Centrica Business Solutions is at the forefront of distributed energy. We help organisations take advantage of the changing energy landscape by building intelligent, end-to-end solutions to power their performance. We have extensive experience in CHP technology, having recently started production on our three thousandth CHP unit.

We’re also an all-round energy partner who can help you implement resilience solutions and provide insights into where the problems in your energy usage lie – helping you turn energy from a cost and potential business risk into a source of sustainable competitive advantage.

Your guide to CHP

To find out more about how CHP from Centrica Business Solutions can improve your energy efficiency, download our Buyer’s Guide now.


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