Compleo has unveiled its new high-power charger which has the capability to deliver 200 kW ultra-fast charging for two vehicles simultaneously.

The eTower 200 unit’s seven power modules balance power distribution to both vehicles, depending on each EV’s charging curve and state of charge.

It also features an integrated payment terminal, chip and pin pad, and a bright all-weather display, ensuring accessibility for all users.

With a pre-installed wire hub, the eTower can be easily lowered by forklift onto the hub, eliminating the need for cranes or complex wiring processes.

The eTower’s slimline design, with a 2m height, makes it suitable for space-conscious areas such as multi-storey car parks or back-to-back installations.

External LED strips enhance accessibility and usability, making the unit visible from a distance while acting as charge indicators.

Operating at 55dB at a one-metre distance, the eTower is also suitable for residential use without causing disturbance, thanks to its air ventilation system which ensures durability by keeping electronic components unaffected by dust and humidity

Compleo will begin shipping the new charger to UK customers in May, with staff currently training suppliers for seamless installations and maintenance.

Joerg Lohr, CEO of Compleo, which came under the ownership of the Kostal Group last August, said: “I always tell the team, ‘we are not selling a piece of hardware to the our customers, we are selling uptime availability and reliability’.

“We are super convinced that in the future we can provide you with even better products.”

Compleo customers include APCOA, Network Rail, Oxfordshire County Council and Opcharge.


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