Connected Kerb has been selected to deliver on-street EV chargers for a project designed to help the city of New York cut emissions.

The project forms part of the DOT Studio – a collaboration between the New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) and Newlab, to demonstrate how public access to EV charging can drive up EV ownership amongst the 50% of residents that park their cars on-street.

Connected Kerb charger infrastructure can be integrated into street furniture such as bollards and has the capability to integrate other smart technologies, such as 5G and air quality sensors.

Pilot planning and design is underway now, with the goal of launching by the autumn of 2022.

The findings from the pilot will inform wider EV charging rollouts across New York City, helping to realise its goal of installing 10,000 curbside chargers by 2030, and electrifying 20% of municipal parking bays by 2025.

In 2021, about 15,000 EVs were registered in the city, with more than 5,000 of these sold in 2020 alone.

Steve Richardson, Co-Founder of Connected Kerb, said, “There are around two million light duty vehicles in New York City, accounting for 80% of transport emissions.

“New York City DOT has established ambitious goals to eliminate these emissions by boosting electric vehicle adoption, and The DOT Studio project will provide crucial a blueprint for how to deliver world-leading charging infrastructure to support that goal – supercharging EV uptake, cutting emissions and improving public health.

“We’re confident that this pilot will not only fast track New York’s EV charging rollout, but also prove our technology in America, and provide a springboard for growth into the future.”


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