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Socomec has released a new generation of transfer switching controller – ATyS C55/65 – engineered to protect critical loads including emergency systems, healthcare devices, server rooms and production lines, for the safe control and switching between power sources.

No matter what the situation, the user will always have a clear picture of the installation’s status at the push of a button – via clear dashboards. In addition to information about source availability and switch position, it is also possible to monitor the load directly. All information relating to source and load management is contained within one central device – including current and power metering as well as energy consumption for each source. In addition to classic metering, these new controllers provide specific functions such as smart load shedding (C65), graphs and measurement alarms.

Why do we need Transfer Switching Equipment (TSE) – and how could your electrical installation benefit from a controller?

Power outages can occur in even the most reliable networks – leading to major losses and immense disruption across critical applications.

To maximise power availability – and to keep vital facilities up and running – the latest in the range of ATS controllers from Socomec safely pilots any type of switch (RTSE) from unstable or lost sources, transferring the load to an alternate source.

Colin Dean MD, Socomec UK, Socomec explains; “We have engineered and manufactured 5 generations of transfer switches since 1922 and are always working on the next generation of the technology. You could say that switching is in our DNA. The philosophy behind the new C55/C65 is to make life easier. We have worked hard on the ergonomics of these new controllers and engineered them to be truly intuitive – providing straightforward navigation combined with fast and assisted configuration. In fact, it’s faster than ever to get going with the help of our smart configuration wizard – prompting all the right questions to make sure that you’re up and running as quickly as possible.”

The ATS controller includes a high resolution 350×160 pixel screen that provides a clear and sharp display of key information.

The dashboards enable the user to access all the main data at the push of a button. The HMI is clearly defined with dedicated push-buttons, LED indicators and pop-up messages – making operation easy for all users. Furthermore, all menus, alarms and timers are available in nine languages – making the system accessible to all.

A flexible solution that goes above and beyond

ATyS C55 and C65 are highly flexible controllers and work with all types of technology: contactor (CC), switch-based (PC), or circuit breaker (CB) class. Designed to be used with all types of MCCB and ACB, all parameters can be directly configured from the front face.

Exceeding safety standards – in local markets

Engineered to meet and exceed the most demanding global product safety standards – for local markets – the ATyS C55 and C65 controllers guarantee safe transfer in the harshest indoor and outdoor operating environments.

As a minimum, the ATyS C55 / C65 ATS controllers are compliant with IEC 61010-2-201 and with IEC 60947-6-1 when type tested with a certified RTSE. They also comply with GB / T 14048.11 for China including Annex C which is specific for stand-alone ATS controllers.

The ATyS C55 / 65 have also been designed to meet the requirements of installation standards IEC 60364, NFPA 70 and NFPA 110 whilst a specific version C66 will be available and certified to UL 1008 and UL 61010 requirements.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications with temperatures ranging from -30 °C to +70 °C, the controllers are water resistant up to a degree of IP 65 and UV protected according to NEMA 3R12. The ATS controllers are also suitable for installation in the main distribution board with an overvoltage category of OVC III.

Comprehensive metering and monitoring – made easy

The ATyS C65 controller is fully compatible with Socomec’s power metering and monitoring system: DIRIS Digiware.
There is now no need to add extra voltage modules as the controller can replace voltage sensing modules when part of a Digiware system, providing the voltages of both sources on the same system with just one product.

All information is centralised through a gateway – DIRIS Digiware M-70 (din-rail) or D-70 (remote annunciator display) – with integrated webserver and Modbus TCP, SNMP or BACnet protocols to communicate with facility management software.

Colin Dean, comments; “Today, we all have to work smarter and achieve more with less resource; critical applications demand flexible, agile products that can multitask and stretch. That’s why we have engineered this latest range of controllers to demonstrate unparalleled robustness whilst being simple to use and rapid to install. The ATyS C55 and 65 are hero products to us and to our partners; they really do provide critical applications with a secret weapon, delivering more force, speed and power to transfer switching equipment and providing the security of continuous power to the world’s hardest working facilities.”

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