Coronavirus: GridBeyond urges DSR providers to notify of demand changes


GridBeyond has urged industrial and commercial firms that provide demand-side response (DSR) services to notify aggregators of changes to predicted consumption patterns.

As businesses shut down to ride out the coronavirus, and millions of people work from home, the power system’s usual pattern of demand is no longer.

That means energy companies, traders and grid operators have to adjust, react and plan accordingly.

While National Grid ESO and distribution network operators are confident they can manage the shift in consumption patterns and the impact of Covid-19 on staffing levels, aggregators also face a challenge in managing portfolios where many assets and businesses may no longer be operating within standard parameters. GridBeyond called on I&C firms to help it get a clearer picture.

“We ask that all consumers providing demand side response services report any changes to their predicted consumption patterns to their DSR aggregators. This includes any Covid-19 related shutdowns or production changes,” said a spokesperson.

“Aggregators have a responsibility to keep National Grid ESO up to date about the capabilities of flexible demand on the system. This will be greatly aided with your cooperation.”

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  1. I should think that’s the last thing on businesses minds at the moment – making sure they forecast their changed c0nsumption patterns to their aggregators…..


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