CyrusOne colocation data centre deploys Panduit solution to optimise energy use


Panduit has supplied SynapSense Active Control system to CyrusOne’s Austin, Texas data centre, to provide environmental monitoring and optimise energy use. The system utilises wireless temperature, humidity and pressure sensors throughout the cabinets and underfloor airflow sections and communicates the information to the SynapSense monitoring software to automatically maintain preselected conditions.

The SynapSense system measures inlet temperature and sub-floor pressure differential to manage computer room air handler (CRAH) return temperature set points and variable fan speeds. This approach optimises cooling capacity and reduces cooling costs by minimising the fan energy needed to meet CFM and ASHRAE requirements.

“Panduit’s SynapSense helps us improve efficiency and sustainability. It provides our customers with visibility into what’s going on with their servers and is a key part of our SLAs.  Plus, we recover cooling capacity that helps us to realise additional operational and power efficiencies,” commented Jason Dingess, Programme Manager, Datacenter Systems, CyrusOne.


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