Danske Bank has launched a new EV car benefits scheme, implemented by Tusker, that will offer a larger population of its employees the opportunity to lease a new car.

The bank, Northern Ireland’s biggest, and with an expanding presence in Great Britain, approached Tusker at the beginning of 2022 to introduce the benefits scheme for its employees.

The access to a brand new, hybrid or fully electric car, for a fixed monthly cost has proven popular amongst employees.

Since its introduction in September, 45% of staff have logged in to have a look at the cars available.

Susan McAllister, HR People Services and Systems Manager at Danske Bank said any feedback or queries have been dealt with quickly and accurately by Tusker.

She added, “Following a high level of interest in salary sacrifice schemes from colleagues and continuing our efforts towards improving our carbon footprint as an organisation, the Tusker car benefits scheme seemed to be a great solution for us.

“We can now offer a vehicle to a larger portion of our colleagues, who have not had this option in the past.

“Tusker provides a selection of process maps to ensure the induction of the scheme is as smooth as possible.”

Paul Gilshan, CEO at Tusker said, “We’re focused on ensuring as many people as possible have access to a brand new, low or zero-emission car so it’s great to see that the employees at Danske Bank now have access to the scheme, helping them move to greener electric cars.”


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