Ahead of COP26, Veolia and The Energyst are hosting a webinar that will demonstrate real-world examples of carbon-reduction strategies and technologies that can aid an organisation in its transition to net zero.

When: 09:30-11:00, 22nd October, click here to register to join the webinar.

With guest speakers and case studies from across the world, the session will highlight innovative solutions that achieve feasible payback periods and put carbon savings into practice on an industrial scale.

Topics featured:

  • generating renewable energy from wastewater and helping agriculture by producing 36,000t of organic fertiliser displacing the use of resource-heavy synthetic products.
  • using heat from air compressors and industrial foundry for district heating
  • capturing heat from wastewater
  • latest developments in energy efficiency
  • ensuring Grid resilience and maximising use of renewable sources using demand response
  • First Carbon Energy Fund Ireland project at Mater Hospital
  • decarbonising industrial heat
  • first hospital to be 80% solar powered
  • Emerging technologies  – hydrogen, carbon capture, Electric vehicles

The case studies featured save 1.4 million tonnes CO2e each year showing what is commercially viable and can be implemented now.

The webinar rounds off with a look at emerging technologies such as carbon capture, the hydrogen grid and electric vehicles and whether they are able to progress decarbonisation further.

To find out how you can reduce your carbon impact and improve sustainability join our Energy Webinar on 22 October.


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