Should you be a producer wanting to maximise their earnings, sell your renewable energy to Falck Renewables – Next Solutions to do so; we will purchase it at a competitive price by offering you a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and we will make the most of it through the trading of the related green certificates.

Why should you entrust us with your energy?
Because Falck Renewables – Next Solutions is an experienced and trustworthy operator, part of a large international group that manages over 300GWh of renewable energy in the UK alone, mainly from wind farms, it works all over the world with renewable plants for over 1.3GW of installed power.

Unlike many of its competitors, Falck Renewables – Next Solutions operates in a lean way and with the flexibilitythat is usually typical of small businesses. This is why it offers tailor made contracts, designed to the needs of both parties. Our goal, in fact, is not that to forge real partnerships with producers so that they can maximize their earnings rather than just increase the number of customers.

For this reason Falck Renewables – Next Solutions does not offer fixed price energy withdrawal contracts or long periods ones. Our fees are commensurate with the price of energy, our main objective is that our partners are happy with the proposed economic conditions, as well as their overall peace of mind. We take the risks associated with the variable nature of renewable plants. In short, our task is to make a not so easy activity, become an easy one instead.

Our secret? The great strength of Falck Renewables – Next Solutions lies in the all-round competence that allows it to support producers in the management of all energy issues, encouraging informed decisions on the energy markets supporting the producers with strategic advisory activities. We can say that we invite producers to “challenge” the market with us and we do it with the awareness and experience of those who have all the credentials and skills to do so. This is why we propose to producers to diversify their income: we are in fact convinced that the profit should not come solely from the sale of energy, but also from ancillary services and services to the national electricity gridwhich – if provided correctly – can generate equally significant income.

The ecological transition is an important challenge that will involve producers and consumers in the next years.
Our task is to make renewable assets increasingly competitive, and if from a technological point of view this goal has already been achieved, there is still a lot of potential to be exploited on the energy market.

Get in touch to offer us your renewable energy, we will offer you the best market conditions.


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