Dong and SSE go head to head on green business energy tariffs

Greater Gabbard wind farm
Greater Gabbard wind farm

Dong and SSE have stepped up their pursuit of business customers, announcing green energy deals within hours of each other.

SSE, which has scaled-back biomass investments in recent years, is offering a 100% renewable tariff, which excludes biomass-derived power. The firm will supply power matched to Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origins (REGOs), certifying that electricity has been generated exclusively by wind and hydro. SSE said that means companies can report zero emissions for Green House Gas emissions reporting.

Dong, which also has a substantial wind generation portfolio, announced today that it would cover the additional cost of green power for companies that choose it over brown power.

The company said the move was in reaction to the Chancellor’s decision last summer to axe the renewables exemption from the Climate Change Levy. That effectively added £5 per megawatt hour to renewable power bills.

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