The company says its salary sacrifice means employees can save up to 40% on an electric vehicle by exchanging part of their salary – the gross amount sacrificed reduces the employee’s income tax and national insurance (NIC) liability, as well as the employer’s NIC liability.

Salary sacrifice also allows employees to switch to a new EV with zero upfront outlay.

The company helps organisations promote salary sacrifice schemes to employees, and can organise EV test drive events.

It also offers a secure portal for employers and their employees to order, manage and track their EV.

In addition, DriveElectric can supply a home charger if needed, which can be included in the salary sacrifice package, as well as provide support with solutions for workplace charging, solar, vehicle to grid, and energy management and optimisation via its sister company CrowdCharge.

Mike Potter, managing director of DriveElectric, said, “Salary sacrifice offers a wide range of compelling benefits. Bringing down the monthly cost of electric cars helps more drivers make the switch to EVs. This in turn reduces drivers’ vehicle running costs and helps employers to offer attractive benefits for their staff. Reducing emissions also accelerates an organisation’s progress to Net Zero. And this is all backed up by DriveElectric’s unique 15 years of expertise with electric vehicles.”


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