EDF has taken delivery of the 500th EV on its salary sacrifice scheme exactly a year after the programme began.

Jas Sangha assistant shift manager at EDF acquired a Kia e-Niro with a 282 mile range, more than enough for his commute, using Tusker’s salary sacrifice car benefits scheme.

EDF has had a 4% uptake among staff, and currently about 14 additional employees are signing up to the scheme each month, 93% of which are opting for a pure electric vehicle.

Staff at the company have reported savings of about £150 to £200 per month mainly due to the 1% Benefit in Kind available on the scheme which maximizes tax and NI savings for employees, as well as charge points being available at 20 company sites.

A total of 300 additional charge points are set to be available to employees by December 2021.

The Tusker scheme works in the same way as Cycle to Work and Childcare Voucher schemes, and employees offset some of their monthly salary in return for a brand new, fully maintained and insured electric car.

It also means employees can access the benefits of driving electric without any deposit or ongoing running costs including road tax, insurance, MOTs, breakdown assistance and repair bills.

The employer also benefits from National Insurance savings.

Sangha said, “My colleagues and I have been really impressed with the choice of makes and models available on the Tusker scheme, and also the cost savings.

“And with work offering charge points, it made switching to an electric car really easy.”

Vanessa Corsie, benefits manager at EDF added, “The great thing about Tusker’s car benefit scheme is that we were able to open the opportunity to drive a brand new car to up to over 11,000 employees.

“We launched the initiative to coincide with the government’s change in Benefit in Kind to 0% for the 2020/21 tax year.

“It reduced the BIK payable from 16% so provided considerable tax savings to employees – for both 20% and 40% taxpayers.”



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