Electric vehicles: Trojan lances and smart street chargers win government funds


Two projects aiming to deliver smarter on-street charging for electric vehicles have been awarded government funding.

One, led by Element Energy, will see ‘Trojan Energy Lances’ pop up from the pavement to deliver power to cars, which are linked via cables under the pavement to a single street box that can support up to 18 charge points. Customers will be incentivised to participate in smart charging and will be able to get the bill added to their home energy bill – at least, as with all these things, if they are an Octopus Energy customer.

The second project, led by Samsung Research, will create a smart charging platform for on-street charging delivered by Connected Kerb. It will optimise for drivers’ charging needs, plus DNO constraints and against other local chargepoints schedules to maximise local capacity. Also involving Octopus Energy, the trial will develop new half hourly ‘Agile Business’ tariffs.

See details here.


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