Electricity North West accelerates its flexibility procurement by signposting competitions on Piclo Flex


Electricity North West has accelerated its flexibility procurement by publishing a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) on Piclo Flex, an independent online marketplace for trading flexibility.

Since 2018 Electricity North West has tendered for over 70MW of flexibility services and its procurement is a key step in the transition to Distribution System Operation. The launch of the DPS signals a new commercial partnership between Piclo and Electricity North West. The network intends to launch its seventh set of flexibility competitions later this year on Piclo Flex.

Electricity North West will become the fifth network operator to partner with Piclo. By opting to use a DPS, Electricity North West hope to enhance the engagement process for Flex providers, reduce administrative barriers and enable competition results to be announced quicker.

Lois Clark, DSO commercial manager at Electricity North West, “This partnership demonstrates a key step in our ongoing investment in the key enablers of our people, technology, data and business capabilities that will help these markets to mature, providing greater visibility of network needs and simplifying coordination between all parties.


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