Elements Green announces a major milestone in its Alfstedt project in Germany. The project has now successfully secured grid connection confirmation, marking a significant step forward in its development. This achievement follows a favorable decision from the Municipality, underscoring the project’s alignment with local regulations and community support.

As the production of wind and solar power continues to rise, the demand for larger and more efficient storage systems to balance the grid is becoming increasingly critical. The Alfstedt project stands out as one of the largest Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) developments in Europe, poised to play a pivotal role in this energy transition.

By integrating advanced storage solutions, the Alfstedt project will significantly enhance grid stability, ensuring a reliable supply of electricity when renewable generation fluctuates. The project promises to contribute to more affordable energy prices. By supporting a diverse mix of renewable energy sources, it will also reduce reliance on fossil fuels and decrease greenhouse gas emissions, supporting Germany’s ambitious renewable energy targets.

Michael Zimmerman, Elements Green’s Head of Project Delivery for Germany , commented, “The grid connection confirmation is a critical component in advancing our commitment to sustainable energy solutions. It ensures that the Alfstedt project can seamlessly integrate into the national grid, contributing to Germany’s renewable energy goals. We are preparing to bring our vision to life, creating not only a state-of-the-art solar PV and energy storage solution but also making a positive contribution to the local environment . This important milestone is another significant step on our way to becoming a leader in the German PV solar and battery storage market. We extend our gratitude to the Municipality for their positive confirmation and continued support. Special thanks to our entire German team for crafting an impeccable technical concept and making this possible.”

The solar component of Alfstedt is expected to generate enough electricity to power over 10,000 households annually. Meanwhile, The BESS component (400MW) has the potential to supply energy to more than 1.7 million people for two hours.

The Alfstedt project’s key features, include:

  • 35MWp Solar PV: Capable of generating enough electricity to power over 10,000 households annually
  • 400MW BESS: With 400MW of nominal power and 800 MWh of nominal energy, it could supply energy to more than 1.7m people for two hours
  • Significant Impact: Contributes 1.6% towards Germany’s target of 25GW in BESS capacity
  • Annual Generation: Produces 34,500 MWh of electricity per year

The team in Elements Green has a 15-year development track record in the UK, EU and internationally. Elements Green is progressing a development pipeline in excess of 12 GW.


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