Enabling UK manufacturing’s green energy transition


Chris Rason, Managing Director at Aggreko UK, talks through how Energy as a Service (EaaS) models might help UK Manufacturers take control of their on-site energy generation without being tied into long-term contracts.

Adopting more flexible Energy as a Service (EaaS) agreements will be critical to allowing UK manufacturers to meet future challenges like rising energy costs.

This conclusion follows Aggreko’s recent report Energy in Manufacturing: A Flexible Future? which indicated that over 90% of those surveyed want more flexibility from onsite energy sources. Currently, many EaaS contracts are inflexible to the fluctuating needs of sites, entailing strict, long-term leases which fix electricity pricing and usage, with changes often incurring penalties.

As such, a more flexible approach to on-site energy generation will be required if businesses want to optimise their energy usage while remaining economical. Hired EaaS agreements that make use of modular units, like those offered by Aggreko, can aid businesses in reducing carbon emissions and securing their supply while remaining competitive.

Crucially, this model operates without tying consumers into long-term contracts, instead offering the ability to scale supply up or down according to demand. With absolute control, businesses are able to use only what they need, allowing them to optimise their energy usage.

The pandemic has changed the way UK manufacturers are approaching sustainability, with 79% of Aggreko’s survey participants citing increased pressure to lower energy costs since 2020. Despite this positive sign for the nation’s climate commitments, the past year has rendered investment in more efficient technology difficult for many. Hired EaaS could be a step towards tackling this challenge, offering operators the flexibility they need to deploy greener on-site energy generation solutions.

For more information on Energy as a Service, visit: https://www.aggreko.com/en-gb/sectors-and-services/aggreko-hired-energy-as-a-service


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