Energy in industry 4.0: harnessing the connected site


Advances in Industry 4.0 can enhance energy strategies and improve the resilience of critical sites. DSR is often seen as a risk to critical sites, such as data centres, healthcare sites and even some manufacturing processes. What many don’t realise is that with the right technology in place, overall risk can actually be reduced by implementing DSR technology.

When using the right DSR tech, assets benefit from energy automation, optimisation, analytics, benchmarking and predictive maintenance, as well as the advantages of additional DSR revenue and savings. All of which are enhanced when working with a platform driven by AI and machine learning algorithms.

The patterns emerging from the data collated and interpreted by GridBeyond’s platform are used to improve on-site overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and predictive maintenance.

Predictive maintenance is often overlooked but is becoming more prevalent from a financial and operational planning perspective, as well as ensuring further business resilience. The machine learning applied to a connected network of assets means highly accurate automation, alerts and thresholding in this sense, as well as key insights for benchmarking and analytics.

Critical sites are also ideal candidates for battery storage which, when managed effectively, means a site can find flexibility greater than the sum of its parts and reduce the amount of storage needed. In addition to the back-up, site resilience, revenues and peak avoidance savings associated with a battery, GridBeyond’s hybrid approach reduces the financial risk of purchasing a battery by combining the flexibility available within the on-site assets with the battery, thus reducing the size of battery required for participation.

For more information on GridBeyond’s technology platform and how it is applied to energy strategies for mission critical sites, contact the team on 01923 431 638

GridBeyond’s whitepaper ‘Energy in Industry 4.0: Harnessing the Connected Site’ is now available at


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