Energy sector ‘digitally behind the curve’, but way ahead of water industry


The energy sector accepts the transformational ‘three Ds’ of decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitisation – but suppliers are behind the curve on the latter aspect, according to a study.

The Bearing Point report, which looked at 593 companies across eight countries, suggested UK suppliers in the main could benefit commercially by developing coherent digital marketing and customer care strategies.

The consultancy looked at 72 companies in the UK and found energy firms were particularly poor at using digital channels to win new customers or keep existing ones.

Bearing Point says that energy suppliers could better use digital channels to improve new customer conversions or customer retention. For example, they could harness social media or other digital means of communication to give customers incentives not to switch provider, suggested the consultancy.

However, the sector’s average performance was far higher than the water sector.

Yet, when it came to e-commerce, Anglian Business Water was among the best ranked UK companies. The consultancy gave it a higher score than e-commerce behemoth Amazon, as well as Asos, Argos and O2.

Given Amazon is one of the word’s largest online retailers, and its e-commerce prowess is threatening many traditional high street retailers, Anglian’s ranking appears odd, though presentation and sales support were factored into scores.

Of energy retailers, Eon achieved the highest overall digital score.



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